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Month: August 2017

The Power Of God’s Word By Pastor W.F.Kumuyi

The Apostles of Jesus Christ were eyewitnesses of His teachings and miracles He performed. They thus became uncompromising “ministers of the word.” They were tried, tempted, persecuted, imprisoned, severely tortured, denied their rights, abused and afflicted, subjected to hunger, thirst, shame and disgrace. Yet, they stood firmly and remained uncompromising till death. We must also […]

Just a Reflection

Reference taken from the book of Genesis chapter 2 The content of this article will be incomplete if you don’t stand in front of a mirror right now. If you’re there, I’ll love you make a non-locomotive motion: swing your arms; turn your neck; grab something. What do you notice? The person you see in […]

The Cockroach Effect


Have you noticed the cockroach? It is an insect of very high sensitivity and adaptability. It’s of the class insecta and of order blattodea. About 0.0067 species of cockroaches are commonly found within man’s habitation. A Cockroach can live up to a full year and their female just need to be impregnated once in order […]

How To Please God

Many at times we wander about looking for ways to please God. Let me tell you a story: there was this widower who had just one son. He was very rich and so wanted his son to think towards his direction-he wanted his son to create his own wealth because he believed that it was […]

True Success

This is real success-you see what others can’t. You hear what others can’t and you feel what others can’t. God is still in the business of concealing. The Spirit of God informs us that we need to not only pray but watch-watch for that little spot. Why did God hide gold underneath? Why did He […]

Flee Fornication

Premarital (or extra-marital) sex is always a losing proposition! God is clear that His wonderful gift of physical intimacy is to reserved for the boundaries of marriage. Inside of those boundaries, the sexual relationship is a gift that blesses a couple and a family abundantly. Outside of that biblical commitment, the sexual relationship is always […]

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