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Priest Attacked After Giving Refuge to Tourists

An unidentified man in Bethlehem lunged at a Catholic priest with what appears to be a knife on Friday in a rare attack on a clergyman in the Palestinian Territories. At Bethlehem’s Milk Grotto, the Rev. Fadi Shallufi on Friday afternoon opened the chapel gates to foreign tourists, including women

Nigerian Bishop To Organize 2 Days Protest Against Buhari

His Grace, Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma of Enugu Diocese has said that President Muhammadu Buhari has signed the verdict of exit from office in 2019. He said Buhari did this when he signed the Not-Too-Young-To-Run bill in May. Bishop Chukwuma also disclosed that he is leading a protest to shut down Abuja for

3 Algeria Churches Allowed to Reopen After Protest Campaign

Three Algerian churches, which had been closed by officials in the north-western district of Oran, have been allowed to reopen. Two churches, L’Oratoire in Oran city centre, and a village church in Layayda, were closed in February, after authorities claimed they did not have state approval. A third church in Ain

Pastor and Family Members Burnt to Death

An evangelical pastor, his wife and four other family members (two children) were murdered by a pro-government paramilitary group. They threw Molotov cocktails against the house and burnt it down. Pastor Óscar Velásquez Pavón and his wife Maritza López had refused to open their home to Sandinist para-military forces that

Letter To Every Woman

DEAR WOMAN Not every man is a HUSBAND material. Some are FRIEND-ZONE materials. Some are HUSBAND materials. Some are FATHER materials. Marry a Man that is a BROTHER, HUSBAND and FATHER. Some of you, get into marriage with men who have no business being married. Marriage is not for everybody. Some men are not wired to

Happy Home – Love in The Family

You can't say like Samson she (HE) pleases me well marry her(HIM) for me. You've got to be careful to ensure you hear from God He knows your tomorrow,. Let him tell who to Marry, or at least, ask Him is this person your will for me and don't be

Our Pastor is Human Too

The pastor stood up to teach in our midweek service. The first thing he asked the church to do was to go ask someone "How was your day?". Everyone went around asking, shaking and patting each others back. Some even hugged themselves! I smiled as I saw it all. Guess what, no

“FOR MY SAKE” by Opeyemi Akintunde

It was my wedding night, I was so tired, I needed a bath and rest. We had danced so much my back was aching. Husband was beginning to have funny ideas. He was beaming like a new born baby. Well I won't blame him, any man in his position would

How important is Sex?

It has become quite common for Christians to take the line that our business is to talk about Jesus and not about sex and sexual morality. Our obsession with sex is creating a barrier to gospel presentation. RELATED POST: Facts About Sex (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I have to say I

Catholic Bishop Escapes Assassination Attempt In Cameroon

The current leader of Cameroon’s Roman Catholics, Archbishop Samuel Kleda is reported to have narrowly and miraculously escaped an assassination attempt. The Archbishop called on President Biya, who is currently the longest serving president in the continent, having been in power since 1982, not to seek another tenure and accused those