Archbishop Jackson urges Anglican Church of Kenya to embrace social media

Clergy in the Anglican Church of Kenya are being trained to use social media ahead of the launch of a new online church, Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit has said. The move is a bid to reach out to young people who are not attending church services, but who are “permanently on social media.”

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In comments made at the Cathedral Church of the Good Shepherd in Nakuru, reported by Nairobi News, Archbishop Jackson said: “As a church we cannot afford to be left behind and we need to embrace technology. It’s a high time we start our online church to tap on the larger community in the social media.”

He said: “Most of our young congregation have the latest gadgets and are not attending church services and the best way to loop them back is to introduce online church services as they are permanently on social media.

“As the world is becoming a global village by the day, it’s about time we in the leadership of the church embrace technology and start online services. We need to enter into this technological space and take our evangelism message there where majority of the young members are found.”

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