Church Removes Jesus Statue Saying, That’s ‘Too Catholic’

A Baptist church has decided to remove a statue of Jesus it deems Too Catholic from their church after about several years..

In a letter written to the artist from the church, “We have discovered that there are people that view the art as Too Catholic in nature. We understand that this is not a Catholic icon, however, people perceive it in these terms,”

too catholic

“I’m not interested in stirring the pot, but people not liking it because it looked too Catholic is crazy, man. It’s been up there for 11 years,” Baker told The State. “I don’t agree with the letter, it bothers me.”

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Christians on Facebook were totally divided in their opinion as a result of this decision. Therefore, in response to the so much comment from Facebook users on the issue, Jill Rogers wrote, “Heaven won’t be divided by Lutherans, Methodists, Baptist or Catholics, It seems they are pulling out from Christianity all together. Did someone make them worship this statue. I think not. Seems they need to be worrying about souls as statues. It’s a sad day for Christianity.”

But some said the issue is a church issue and shouldn’t be in the news.

“Since the Current membership voted to remove the statue this is not much of a news issue,” Benjamin Cliatt wrote. “I see it as a media attempt to create news as opposed to reporting it. Stir the pot to create an issue from a church membership decision.”

SOURCE: Christianheadlines

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