Church Sued For Not Releasing Their Structure For LGBT Event

A lawsuit has been filed against a church by a business firm located in Oregon. The suit was filed against the church because the church refused to give out one of their structures for an LGBT event. According to the company, the refusal of the church to lease out their structure to them caused great and much harm to the company.


In a lawsuit filed last week in Multnomah County Circuit Court in Oregon, Ambridge claimed that the church’s rules against them hosting the LGBT event caused them much harm. They are therefore seeking a whooping sum of $2.3 million.

The PFLAG Portland Black Chapter, an African-American LGBT support group, sent a request to Ambridge to have an event held at the venue they were renting from Holy Rosary.

In response to their request, Ambridge declined the request and then apologized, stating that the refusal came at the order of Holy Rosary.

As a result of the response of denial, the only way for PFLAG was to file a complaint with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, the organization did not do so in part because churches are exempted from state antidiscrimination law, according to Oregon Live.

Rod Dreher, a senior editor at The American Conservative wrote in a document which was published on Tuesday that “this will not be the last challenge of this sort against churches. If an LGBT activist group targets a private business for working with a church it considers to be anti-LGBT, and its campaign results in that business going under, will the business owners take the church to court seeking damages? It would seem to me to be a frivolous lawsuit, but then again, in this climate, who knows?”

“The fact that Holy Rosary Church has to defend itself in this ridiculous lawsuit is a burden on a charitable organization that no doubt operates on a very tight margin.”

In its lawsuit against the church, Ambridge claims: “Even businesses and government entities that had previously scheduled events with Ambridge who were not affiliated with the LGBTQ community but had equity-driven internal policies, refused to work with Ambridge after reading or hearing about the discriminatory policy involved in its employment relationship with the church.”

Ambridge also took issue with the church’s decision to end their contract deal after the company hired an openly gay events coordinator as part of their efforts to “restore its image with its clientele and its relationship with the LGBTO community.”

“The church breached the contract by refusing to discuss or mediate the contract termination with Ambridge, by issuing unilateral restrictions on use of the event center and adjoining property, by demanding Ambridge pay taxes not owed under the contract, and by failing to exercise any effort, best or otherwise, to reach an amicable and mutually agreeable solution to the issues arising under the contract,” continued the complaint.

Ambridge’s complaint against Holy Rosary comes months after the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled against a Christian couple who were sued for $135,000 for refusing to make a gay wedding cake due to their religious objections. Although the members of the congress backed the couples up, yet the supreme court still ruled against them.

SOURCE: Christianpost

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