Daddy Freeze Opinion on Tithing is Not From God

For some time now, the popular radio presenter Ifedayo Olarinde popularly called OAP Daddy Freeze has been trending with his freethesheeple movement. In this movement, he advocates that members should stop paying tithe and offerings to the church. This is because the pastors use the money realized through this means to enrich themselves. With this his campaign, he has successfully gained more popularity and followers. Yet, we must not be deceived with his philosophies on tithing. The truth remains that there is a Bible passage to back up almost everything we do and because of this fact, many people end up misusing and misinterpreting the Bible just to suit their selfish philosophies and ideologies.

Daddy Freeze

We see that Daddy Freeze backs up his ideologies with certain Bible passages, yet we must not be deceived. As Christians, we must know that the fact that the Bible is been quoted does not make it the word of God. We must also look at the kind of people that quotes it to ascertain if or not it God’s word. For example, the devil came to Jesus to say “it is written”. And truly, if we search the Bible well, we will see all the passages the devil quoted. Does that then mean that it is the word of GOD? So we must look deeply if we must avoid been deceived by empty fables.

With this ideology of Daddy Freeze on tithe and offering, the devil has gained more ground in the Nigerian Church as people are been deceived that the new testament church is not supposed to pay tithe. Many people say that tithing is an Old Testament commandment. Permit me to say that more than 60% of the recorded promises in the Bible are found in the Old Testament. If we consider tithing to be an Old Testament something, then we should also consider those blessings to be Old Testament stuffs. The church has now successfully divided into 2 parts and some ungrounded ministers has come up to defend tithing without strong convictions.

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The scripture says that we should not be deceived. Therefore, we must make sure that we stand on the Word of God been deeply rooted and built up in Christ. The Bible commands that we should bring in all the tithes into the store house. Our main concern should be to obey the Word of God. It is left for God to judge those who misuse the fund. Once we give the tithe, it is no longer our money but God’s. Therefore, what it is been used for is God’s business and not ours. On the day of account presentation, God will request for account from these men. Oh, may we not be too concerned with what our pastors use our tithe to do that we forget our focus.

Daddy freeze simply goes about reading his own mind into the scripture. God is not an author of confusion, neither is He and author of division. Men of old paid tithe and reaped the benefit. Some men of our days also paid tithe and reaped the benefit. Then why should we not pay tithe. The devil knows pretty well that there are lots of things to be benefited from tithing faithfully and he never wants us to partake of them.

I strongly stand to say that the message and teaching of Daddy Freeze is not from God at all. These are my few reasons.

1) Daddy Freeze has no respect for God’s anointed
Daddy Freeze has no respect for anointed men of God. He has spoken severally against Pastor Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo and many others. Daddy Freeze once referred to Bishop Oyedepo as a bald headed man. The messengers God uses to carry out His purpose on earth are not men who lack respect for God’s anointed. The reformers of old were not disobedient to God’s anointed. Hate speech was not so much found in their mouth. Therefore, if Daddy Freeze was sent by God, he should have at least respected authorities. Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee (Jude:9). We must understand that God is very careful and meticulous on the kind of vessels He uses.

2) He is a divorcee
I gathered on the media that Daddy Freeze divorced his first wife and is currently engaged, set to get married to another. If he divorced his first wife and remains single, he will not be faulted. But for the fact that despite been divorce, he is in a bid to get married to another. For more understanding on divorce and remarriage, may I refer us all to 1 Corinthians chapter 7.

3) Daddy Freeze has no record of any strong spiritual life
Did God actually raise him up? How do we believe that God raised him up when we cannot see any record of his spiritual history? There are series of training processes which the men God uses must undergo. Some of these training processes are private and personal, while others are public and can be seen. Let us believe that we cannot see that which is personal. Yet, what of the public ones? Why are there no records of them? I refused to join the crew of those who has fallen into this strong sedition raised by Daddy Freeze.

At the end time like this, we must prepare to hear anything, yet we must not obey and adhere foolishly. We must examine every message we hear. We must taste every spirit. We must use the truth of God’s word to weigh every message we hear.
In conclusion, Daddy Freeze and his message are not sent from God. Therefore, I advice everyone of us to keep paying tithe. By the way, all that we have is given to us by God. Is it a big thing for God to ask only 10% of what his has given us?

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