Founder of Overcomers Christian Mission Dies at 73

General Overseer of Overcomers Christian Mission, OCM, Bishop Alexander Ezeugo Ekewuba has passed on. News about his death went viral on social media without any fact. Therefore, in a bid to verify the news before publishing, an agent of put a call through to a member of the church, who confirmed and verified that the founder of the church was indeed dead.

Below are some Facts about his life

1) Bishop Ezeugo was known for his fiery preaching and miracles including destroying satanic strongholds.

2) Bishop Alexander Ezeugo Ekewuba is the founder and vision bearer of Overcomers Christian Mission Inc.

3) Bishop Ekewuba is one of the oldest Pentecostal preachers in Nigeria . Born on December 7, 1945 into the popular Ekewuba family in Avu autonomous community, Owerri west Local Government area, Nigeria.

4) He repented in 1965, as a college student..

5) Bishop Ekewuba is called Evangelist/Pastor. He started preaching shortly after repentance in 1965. His evangelical work took a new dimension in 1969 (during the civil war) when he boldly ministered to Nigerian soldiers who captured and occupied Owerri.

6) He is married to Rev. (Mrs.) Francisca Ekewuba and they have seven children –four males and three females.

7) After the war in 1970, Bishop Ekewuba spear-headed the arrival of Scripture Union (SU) Nigeria in Owerri.

8) He opened the Owerri branch of bible Missionary Church (BMC) and co-founded two indigenous Pentecostal churches- Voice of Salvation Gospel Mission (Orogwe) and Holiness Evangelistic Church.

9) Before the Lord called him out to start the Overcomers Christian Mission (OCM), he had founded and nurtured the Redeeming Time Pilgrim Mission for 12 years (1973-1985).

10) Right now, the Overcomers Christian Mission is one of the fastest growing indigenous Pentecostal churches in Nigeria with more than 85 branches all over the world.

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