Little Girls Gets Missing During Service in Christ Embassy

A four-year-old girl known as Elo Ogidi has been reportedly missing during a church service at the headquarters of the Christ Embassy in Oregun, Lagos.

It was recorded that she was last seen with the maid during the church’s children thanksgiving service before the incidence happened.

Mr Solo Cosmos (Personal Assistant to the lass father) said that efforts to find her had been abortive, adding that the police are yet to find Elo’s whereabouts. According to him, “The family were all there at the thanksgiving service and Elo was with the maid, who took care of the three kids of the family.

“Cake was shared for the children during the thanksgiving service and the maid went to get the kids’ slices. But when she returned, she discovered that Elo was not on her seat again.

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A little kid, who claimed to be an eye witness to the incidence said that he saw Elo outside the tent where they had the children thanksgiving service. The lad said after Elo came out of the tent, a woman grabbed her hand and took her away.

According to Mr. Solo Cosmos, the case was reported at the Alausa Police Station but was transferred to the Anti-Kidnapping Unit of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Yaba.

Cosmos said the family had been in distress as a result of the incident, urging anyone with information on her whereabouts to contact the police.

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