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How To Please God

Many at times we wander about looking for ways to please God. Let me tell you a story: there was this widower who had just one son. He was very rich and so wanted his son to think towards his direction-he wanted his son to create his own wealth because he believed that it was the only way he could teach his son to manage his wealth. The boy went through seasons of training until the he had reached a stage which the father believed was enough for him to own his own wealth. The father began testing him to see if he had really learnt anything. He did well until the time he failed one of those tests. Though the son felt bad but it touched the father more than it touched the son.

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That’s just the way life is. God wants you to put His Word into action. He controls the universe and everything in it. Though storms come, apostle James said you should rather rejoice. This means that you should be extremely happy. A police recruit always prays for a mission. A fireman always pray for fire alert and so should a child of God be happy always even when encountered with situations that don’t seem right. This is because those situations will make you better than you’ve ever been. They will refine your thinking. You were never meant to fail the test and for you to pass it you must use the Word of God(the Bible). This is how you please God-your faith in His ability to save. Go out today and face all your problems with the mind of conquering not of being subjected to them. That addiction cannot overcome you because the Word said that you are more than a conqueror.


Updated: February 18, 2018 — 7:22 am

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