Christian Woman Raped and Sold by ISIS Reunites With Father

A Christian woman who was kidnapped by the Islamic State (IS) terror group in 2014, and was raped and sold as a sex slave, reunited with her father, her last surviving family member.


The woman, Rita Habib, described her reunion with her father as a “dream,” as reported by Kurdistan 24. Extremists overran their town of Qaraqosh, southeast of Mosul, three years ago, killing thousands of people and taking hundreds of women and girls.

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“I am very happy that after three years I reunited with my father. It is a joyous moment because he is the only family I have left,” Habib said.

The Christian woman was held in IS’ stronghold of Mosul for several months after being kidnapped, before she was sold on the Syrian sex slave market.

“I was bought and sold four times. They did evil things to us. They beat us and raped us,” the woman recounted. “The worst of all was girls aged nine who were raped. Girls would be sold for 4,000 to 15,000 dollars.”

She said that other Christian girls were also used as sex slaves, all part of IS’ genocidal campaign in the Middle East.

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Habib was finally rescued five months ago in Syria’s Deir al-Zor province, as IS continued to lose captured territory in both Iraq and Syria throughout 2017.

Now that she has reunited with her father in Erbil, the woman said that she wants to start rebuilding her former life, and help other victims forced under IS slavery.

An untold number still remain in captivity, with the terror group branching out its operations and kidnappings in other countries, including Egypt.

While Qaraqosh and many other Christian towns have been liberated from IS, watchdog groups have warned that they need help from Western countries if they are to rebuild what they have lost.

SOURCE: Christianpost

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