Pastor and Family Members Burnt to Death

An evangelical pastor, his wife and four other family members (two children) were murdered by a pro-government paramilitary group. They threw Molotov cocktails against the house and burnt it down. Pastor Óscar Velásquez Pavón and his wife Maritza López had refused to open their home to Sandinist para-military forces that are supporting President Daniel Ortega in the clashes with opposition groups across the country.


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The criminal group wanted to use the third floor of the house of the Christian family to have snipers shooting against a planned demonstration of the opposition in the neighbourhood. The paramilitary group set the house on fire when eight people were inside the house, killing Pastor Velásquez, his wife Maritza, son Alfredo, daughter-in-law Mercedes, and grandchildren Mathías (3 months old) and Daryeli (3 years old). Two other family members were able to escape the house.

On Sunday, the church Christian Centre Apostolic Ministry of Bello Horizonte mourned the victims amidst prayers, deep pain and calls for justice, Christian magazine Maranata explained.
SOURCE: Evangelicalfocus

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