President Muhammadu Buhari Does Not Stop Fulani Because They are His ‘kith and kin’

President Muhammadu Buhari

The Christian Association of Nigeria’s Adamawa State chapter has declared in a letter sent to the Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari stating that the leadership is more divided than at anytime in the history of the country.

Speaking against the incessant and mindless killings of the predominantly Christian farming communities by Fulani herdsmen, CAN claims that no prominent security operations are being carried out against the herdsmen “because they are Mr. President’s kith and kin”.

“As Mr. President may be well aware, that there is hardly a day or two that there is no major raid or two taking place; leaving scores of local people across several communities dead, with properties worth millions of Naira destroyed,” the letter states.

According to CAN the president must act fast to prevent these continuous killings. Stating that despite the frequent calls and admonition to Mr. president on this issue, yet no proper security measures are put in place.

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The organisation says there has been a “conspiracy of silence“ regarding the attacks as, CAN claims, government officials “detest when journalists broadcast news on herdsmen killings”.

Calling for an immediate order from President Muhammadu Buhari to the military to stop the attacks, CAN demands protection of lives and property; the deployment of Special Forces in Adamawa, and the establishment of a new military force there; justice and fairness, saying the government should not take sides; and shelter, food and medical provision for internally displaced people.

“We demand an end to killings in our state and the country at large,” the letter concludes.
SOURCE: worldwatchmonitor

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