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The Secret Of Our Leadership Success in NCCF

The term NCCF stands for Nigerian Christian Corpers’ Fellowship. We are a group of christian youths, sent to serve our father land after the tertiary institution for a period of one year. Hence, we utilize this period in also serving our LORD JESUS CHRIST through our fellowships, evangelism and rural rugged.

I want to use this article to briefly share the secret of our leadership success. Perhaps, it will serve as an encouragement, motivator and eye opener to my reader.

NCCF will never die. God used this platform to expose and educate us on some important issues. Weaknesses were exposed and corrected. Relationships were built and indeed lots of things were learnt. By this time last year, we were seriously planning for 3 mega programs; National conference, Zonal sent-forth and Outreach to FGC Okposi and all these were so successful.

I dare to say that our tenure was indeed a great success because of the team I worked it. For this purpose, it’s not my success but our success.

I know that I was hardworking, committed, determined, a good listener and so on but beyond all these, the men and women behind the scene were responsible for 99.999% of the entire success. I sincerely appreciate God for His Wisdom upon my NCCF Father Bro Ishaku Onuku and my Mother Goodness Nzenwata. It’s was as if they carefully and correctly selected the right people for the task. I wish life will always be like NCCF where you will work with people of like minds.

Back then, all I needed was to give out instruction like the psalmist who said, “God gave out His word and great were the multitude that published it”. One funny thing about leadership is that everyone sees the person at the helm of affairs as if he is the key player. Most times, others account for the success and that was exactly what happened during my time.

We never had much money as corps members earning #19800 in ohaozara where it’s seems as if the cost of commodities skyrocket once a corper is involved. Yet amidst all these (5 state allawee out of 12 and no allawee from PPA), we allowed Jesus pay for everything from our pockets. Some paid their capitation, we welcome Batch B’s well, we did zonal conference and retreat, we did an outreach to FGC Okposi, attempted to do at Uburu sec but failed, planned for Zonal Rural Rugged, took part in every state program and many more.

To God’s glory, every executive was fully involved. We worked with the theme “Abiding in Christ” and in this God really helped us. At the end of our tenure, we could boldly say that Jesus was indeed our achievement.

Let me talk briefly about the men and women behind the scene.

1) Yebu Shedrach: Oversea of Ugwulangwu. He really understood that one thing needed for success is happiness and being jovial. He was a friendly and steadfast coordinator.

2) Peter Yakubu: He was a man of true zeal, humility and unquenchable fire for God. He is my 8yrs senior but he never considers age as a factor in service for the master.

3) Ezeme Caleb: Gentle but committed.

4) Ayomide: Simple, humble and committed. His selfless services were second to none.

5) Zinas Jacob: This brother, if your life is to be written in a book it will have many volumes. He was a trekker for Jesus who will gladly go without the gate for His master.

6) Daniel: A silent general in God’s army

7) Bisola Shoyinka: A selfless sister that NCCF cannot forget in a hurry. She was commitment personified.

8) Emmanuel Chinedu: Within 2 weeks of been an evangelism Secretary, we got the venue for our proposed Rugged. I love you commitment sir.

9) Sunday Samuel: The man who sets all things in order for us to have successful meetings

10) Mukabat Moses: Keep transporting us sir

11) Olufikuayomi: I’m yet to see someone who loves and can go any length for Jesus more than you. Your life just tells me that I have no excuse.

12) Adaraniwon Bukunmi: This sister can starve herself just to pay up her financial commitment.

13) Aromavo Pesu: The lady that did Judas ministry with the grace of Apostle Paul. Faithful to the core. You don’t need to supervise anything under her care

14) Abayomi Rhoda: Our pen and paper. It’s not easy to sit down in a meeting of about 4hrs just writing.

15) Elemide Tinuke: As far as your eyes can see, our bible study kept growing.

16) John Adeleke: For all the soul staring dramas, God will not forget you.

17) Ajala Abayomi: Our prayer life as a zone was revived because you executed your office properly. You trekked so much for the progress of the fellowship. I’m sure your jungle boot can located the road to fellowship center

18) Akageer Albert: I’m not worthy to talk about you but this is the little I have to say. He was a man that works in the path of Bro Gbile Akanni and it will always be a matter. Bible study Secretary’s office was indeed created for you

19) Elyon Aboki: General Secretary like no other.

20) Rhoda Adeoye: Thanks for been a caring mother to NCCF.

In all things, I can boldly say that NCCF Ohaozara grew greatly in your hands. Please let’s keep the fire burning because God is not unfaithful to forget our diligent labour. The reward will come if we faint not. All others in the various subzones as executives and members were all wonderful. Please do not forget the handover sermon in a hurry titled “The book of remembrance”. I dare to say that God will remember us soon.


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