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Mass Wedding as 13 Couples Exchange Marriage Vows in Abuja

Thirteen couples were joined together in holy matrimony on Saturday in Gwagwalada, Abuja. The event of the mass wedding took place at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. This wonderful event was presided over by the parish priest, Rev. Fr. Clement Igyeseh, who also advised the newly wedded couples to be

Catholics Celebrates “All Saints Day”

The Feast of All Saints is a Solemnity in honor of All Saints Known and Unknown.It is celebrated yearly on the 1st of November and is also a time for invoking the intercession of such known and unknown saints. Of all Catholic Saints, Mary the Mother of Jesus is the most

Catholic Diocese Phoenix launches $100 million fundraising campaign

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix has embarked on a $100 million fundraising campaign over the next three years to support religious-education initiatives, build schools, assist people in need and strengthen parishioners' ties to the church. The Most Rev. Thomas Olmsted is announcing the diocese's largest-ever campaign at Masses and receptions

Pope Francis urges new Bishops to cultivate discernment

Pope Francis on Thursday urged Bishops to cultivate what he called an “attitude of listening” and to avoid being “imprisoned by nostalgia.” Addressing Catholic Bishops from across the globe who have been appointed during the past year, the Pope focused on the need for discernment. The Bishops

Celebrations mark return of Iraqi Christians (Catholics) to Nineveh

About 500 Christian families – up to 2,500 people – celebrated their long-awaited homecoming to Iraq’s Nineveh Plains with ceremonies marking a fresh start in their old towns and villages. In Qaraqosh (Baghdeda), the largest of Nineveh’s Christian towns, priests and people holding olive branches processed through the streets chanting

Pope Preaches Peace in Colombia While Injured

On Sunday September 10, the Pope concluded his trip to the country of Colombia. He aimed to encourage the continuing peace efforts that ended half a century of war between a string of governments and the Guerilla Group ‘FARC’. This Despite the conflict ending, it has still left the South

The Catholic Bishops’ Honeymoon with Trump is Over

Although many evangelical ministers warmly embraced Donald Trump as the Republican Party presidential candidate, the U.S. Catholic bishops never publicly endorsed him. They did express strong support for some of his positions — for example, his opposition to abortion and his support for religious freedom. That, together with their negative