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This article is borne out of a sober heart because we have watched and seen how that the precious and Holy WORD of God is been abused and adulterated. The word was given to the world through the church for the perfection and preparation of men and women everywhere for the heavenly home. We see that from the creation of the world till today, it is only the WORD of God that has been able to preserve lives and nations. To that end, the Bible says, “In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with God and the WORD was God”. We must understand that one of the sole responsibility of the church is to guard the WORD. We understand that a servant is always careful watch his masters’ property as he will not sit and watch anyone toil with anything belonging to his master. In fact, in most cases, it is for the preservation of properties that servants are employed. If it is so in the secular world, then we must be sure that it is so in the spiritual world as well. We are servants of the MOST HIGH GOD, laden with the responsibility of preserving the properties of our Master. One of the ways we can preserve this property without fail is by preaching it undiluted. We have watched and seen how, many preachers have made light of the gospel of Christ which is the power unto salvation. Today, we ask ourselves if the word still saves. Does it really lead to salvation as stated? When we take the word as it is, then it will lead to salvation. But unfortunately, the word has been diluted and it appears to make little or no impart. How I wish that this article will be circulated till all preachers of the gospel see it. The greatest tool the enemy has used to adulterate the gospel is the advent and introduction of prosperity preaching. The word of God has been watered down through prosperity preaching because it now makes our attentions diverted form that which is eternal and ahead, to that which is earthly. How do we get to heaven when we are not consciously reminded of it? How do we get to see Jesus when the messages we hear no longer portrays HIM as the saving and suffering LORD? We only hear that God can heal, God can bless, God can prosper. Yea, no doubt, God heals, prospers, blesses, gives successes and does far more than all we could know or expect. We must be candid with the Word of God because a better understanding will lead to a better approach which will in turn lead to a better life consciously preparing and anticipating the return of the King.

You can go look for materials on revivals and you will discover that since the creation of the world till date, prosperity sermons has never led to a single revival because it does not have what it takes to do so. Most times, prosperity preachers fail to tell us that there are serious requirement before prosperity can be achieved. God is not a waster of resources and thus, He has conditions clearly stated down for us to see before He can comfortably release His blessings. If God carelessly and carefreely releases His resource upon us, chances are that we will waste them. If we look at some scriptures in the Bible that talks about God’s blessing, we will see clearly that there are stated conditions before those blessings could be gotten. For example, looking at one of the most popular scriptures that talks about blessing, Deuteronomy chapter 28, we see that verse one and two states that we must carefully obey and keep to God’s instructions before we get His blessings. Then coming down to verse fifteen, we are also made to understand that when we fail to keep to those commandments, we will be cursed. Let us still look carefully at that chapter, we will discover that it has sixty eight verse but here is the big bang, only fourteen of those verses talks about blessings while the others talk about curses. Therefore, we should be more interested in obeying God’s word than in receiving blessings from Him. Because blessings are God’s reward for our obedience.
While preaching on the mount in the gospel of Matthew chapter six, towards the end Jesus charged us to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and then all these thing shall be added unto us. At this point, if you are a preacher, you must be careful to make sure that you do not make light and of non-effect, this precious gospel of the cross. The Word of God is not for entertainment neither is it for fun. According to Bro Gbile Akanni, “God’s word is a ‘sword’; but not of a Gladiator! It is not the sword of an entertainer. It is the SWORD and it cuts. It is fire and it burns. It is a hammer and it breaks. I do not think the sword, the fire or the hammer comes to smile with anyone”.

At this point, it is time for us to go back to the ancient part. Noah preached the wrath of God. Moses and Samuel preached righteousness. Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel preached righteousness and repentance. John the Baptist came as a fore runner of JESUS and he preached repentance. Jesus came and preached repentance for the kingdom of God is at hand. The message of repentance and remission of sin was handed over to the church and the disciples unfailingly preached it and handed it down to us and unfortunately, we are busy preaching comfort in a dying world. We are preaching the world as our home. If John the Baptist who heralded the first coming of Christ preached repentance, then the church, which is heralding the second coming of Christ must as well preach repentance. If the church of God fails to preach repentance, no matter the population of the church, no matter the eloquence of the preacher, no matter the organization of the church activities, that church has failed. That preacher has failed. As much as men and women everywhere has now developed itching ear for the gospel, yet we must earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered to the Saints. We must contend for this faith and not to formulate our own faith. We must contend for this faith and not to contend against the faith. As the return of our LORD draws near, we must make conscious efforts and preparation to get ready. Truly, the church is supposed to be the preparation ground for such preparation. If any church fails to prepare men through the word of GOD for the return of Christ, then the church should close down because it is nothing more than just a business center which runs and exists for profit. We must guard the WORD of our Master. We must preach the truth until all men everywhere hears it.
This article is originally written by C.M.O. CHUKWUEKE


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