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What Will Jesus Do?

What will Jesus do?

And the disciples were called Christians”. A christian is not more than someone following the footsteps of Jesus. For you to spell Christian appropriately, the first six letters joined together is Christ. Thus a Christian is someone who is like Christ and nothing without Christ. A Christian is someone who puts Jesus in his own shoes before he does anything.

If Jesus were to be in your place, what will He do per time. What will Jesus do when confronted by the same challenge which confronts you? We will become better Christians if we develop the habit of asking ourselves, what will Jesus do when he is confronted by the same thing with which we are confronted.

Perhaps we are confronted with a great challenge, how do we react to it? Then if Jesus was in that same challenge, how will He react to it? Remember that are primary goal, aim and purpose is to be like Christ. We are not to do anything new rather, we are to do just as He did. We are to live our lives just as Jesus lived His.

What will Jesus do if He met a poor beggar? Almost every day of our lives, we meet beggars on the street or even in our homes. Some of them are confident enough to knock at the door of our house. How do we respond to them? But before you treat them harshly, ask yourself this simple and soul striking question, “What will Jesus do”? If that same beggar was to meet Jesus and you were privilege enough to watch Jesus response, how do you think He will react to that beggar?

What will Jesus do if he was confronted with sin? Day by day, sin comes knocking at our door steps. Many a times, it does not have to knock for long before we open the door for it to enter. We drink sin like water. We breath sin like air. We eat sin like food. But if Jesus was confronted by the same sin with which you were confronted, how will he react? Do you think he will open up the door and welcome it with both alms wide opened. What will Jesus do if He were in your stead?

What will Jesus do if he is tempted like you? Thank God we have recorded cases of the temptations which Jesus was tempted with. We also have a detailed record of how He responded to them all. I ask you now, how do you respond to the temptations that confronts you. Do you respond as a good follower of Jesus or not? Do you respond like a true christian. What will Jesus do if He faced the same temptation with you?

What will Jesus do if He enjoys that success you are enjoying? Many have forgotten God just because of the little and momentary success they have achieved. They become ardent follower of Christ because of what they are looking for. But once they get it, they turn their back on God. What will Jesus do if He embraces the kind of success you now have? Do you think He will be puffed up like you? Do you think that He will forget and neglect God like you? Before you glory excessively, ask yourself this question, “what will Jesus do if He is as successful as you are?”

What will Jesus do if was persecuted like you? Many people want to give up their faith because of persecution. But thank God nobody can be persecuted half the way Jesus was persecuted. Therefore, keep it in your mind that you have not seen up to what Jesus saw while on it. Therefore, quitting should not be an option

What will Jesus do if he was confronted with so great a storm of life? Storms of life are always around us and we respond to them in various ways. But before you respond, remember that you are a Christian. Remember that you are a follower of Jesus therefore, find out what Jesus will do if He is blown about by the same wind that blows you.

What will Jesus do if He suffers a major heart break? There is no heartbreak that is worse than that which Jesus suffered. Think of how it feels to be betrayed, denied, flogged and crucified by the same people whom He came to save. How do you react to the young man who you have helped unreservedly and now he pays you back with evil? After the heartbreak, Jesus said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing”. You can do likewise. Follow His footsteps.

What will Jesus do if He is been denied His right? I guess that a few number of times, you have been denied your right. How did you react in such situation? How do you think Jesus would have reacted if He was in your place? Do not be in a haste to react in any situation. Find out what Jesus will do.

What will Jesus do if He gets offended? Will He hastily begin to make ungodly comments like many of us today? Will He begin to curse and hate His offenders? Oh no He will not. Rather, He will love more. He will care more. He will do more. Therefore, do not be in a hurry to talk when faced with offenses.

If you must be a true disciple of Jesus. If you must follow Him to the end. If your desire is to behold His face in glory. If you want God to address you as a son in whom He is well pleased. Then you must find out what Jesus will do at any point in time. The question “what is Jesus do” should be a question your soul will always desire to get an answer to.

Will Jesus ever wake up from sleep and jump into the days activities without communicating with the Father? Will Jesus ever have been involved in any form of sexual defilement? We saw that for the thirty and three years He lived on earth, His major companions were His disciples who were majorly of the male folk.

Will Jesus give a bribe in order to secure a multi-million dollar contract? Will he have told a lie to go free or get a favour. Will Jesus become a pleaser of men just for the sake of getting something from them. Will Jesus get to the top by stepping on others or even pulling them down? Will Jesus kill to make money? Will Jesus forge a document to secure an enticing position?

If your answer to all these questions is NO, them why must we do the opposite. Why must you in particular do otherwise? Do you still claim that you are a Christian but still do things contrary to how Jesus would have acted if He were in your shoes.

Our prayers is to end well. If we must end well, then we must walk in His footsteps. We must follow the path through which He followed. We must do that which He did. We must say that which He said.

O let me see Thy footprints, and in them plant my own;

My hope to follow duly is in thy strength alone;

O guide me, call me, draw me, uphold me till the end;

And then in heave in receive me, my savior and my friend.


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