World Press Conference to Herald Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s Farewell Crusade

Gentlemen of the Press

I am pleased to welcome you to Sheraton Hotels and Towers, Ikeja venue of this World Press Conference to kick-start activities leading to the Farewell Crusade of renowned global Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke in Africa. Nigeria, as always, is blessed to be the epicenter of what we, at the Christ for All Nations (CFAN), call the Reinhard Bonnke’s Final Fire in Africa (FFA).

I am, therefore, most pleased that despite your respectable positions in Africa’s media industry, you still found time out of your very busy schedules to honor this solemn invitation and to identify with this very mission of making Nigeria and Africa a better place. I am told many of the Editors and Senior Correspondents here will still be attending editorial meetings later in the day. We truly appreciate your sacrifice of love. I salute you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

By the Grace of God, on Wednesday, November 8, 2017, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke will hit the shores of Lagos for a five-day farewell crusade that will unleash the power of God on Nigeria and liberate it from the very present forces eating up its socio-economic and spiritual potentials. Our target is to reach out to more than 30 million Nigerians, with at least 10 million people attending the crusade every day.

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Of course, we expect participants from the neighboring countries of Ghana, Cameroun, Togo, Benin, Mali, among others.

This Farewell Crusade will be complemented by a sideline event called “Passing the Burning Torch” Conference where willing ministers of God in Africa are expected to catch the Reinhard Bonnke Fire for greater exploits. Those who are conversant with the Holy Bible know that Prophet Elisha did greater exploits for God after he got a double portion of Prophet Elijah’s anointing by prayerfully taking the Burning Torch from Elijah.

The Man of God has made it clear to us that the choice to stage a come-back to Nigeria in the final lap of his large-scale global evangelism outreach is God-ordained and will, therefore, be ‘explosive.’ The last time he visited this great country was eight years ago and many today could attest to the glorious divine work that God Almighty used him to do in the lives of Nigerians, only by the power of our Lord Jesus Christ: The Gospel Power of Jesus Christ saved souls and restored the backslidden; the lame walked, the blind had their eyes opened and the sick was quickened through the healing power of God.

This time around, Evangelist Bonnke led by God says there is healing for Nigeria, a country plagued by socio-economic corruption and spiritual pollution. He had said many times that this country has great potentials but being held down by forces militating against it. The Result is what we see as social vices that have held down economic growth. Inflation has remained high at double-digit just as unemployment rate ensures that more than 29 million employable youths remain out of jobs. We hear of a number of kidnap cases in Nigeria; rising incidents of armed robbery as well as rape and sexual harassments against minors becoming daily occurrences. Youth restiveness across the country seems to have created pockets of violence in some regions forcing the Army to take certain measures to police the country. While these persist, we see Government struggle with lean resources and rising corruption in private and public sectors.

The Millennium Development Goals introduced by the United Nations Organization did not achieve much for Africa. By the time it was rested in 2015, the level of success of its eight goals in Africa was dismal.

As the curtains were being drawn, 65 percent of Nigerians still remained in poverty; only six of every 10 Nigerian children were in school; combat against HIV’/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases, mortality of mothers, and of children under five years was merely tolerable; and there was no progress in efforts to provide access to safe drinking water for all, or to significantly stem erosion and coastal flooding.

My dear journalists, your stories about economic recession and impact on personal finance is known all over the world; Gentlemen of the Press, Bonnke reads your stories about the Badoo Boys of Ikorodu, the ritual killings and armed robbery in some parts of your country; the ethnic disturbances and secessionist tendencies; indeed, Jesus feels the pain Nigerians feel, and so does Evangelists Bonnke. And this is why God specifically told him to go back to Nigeria this one more time.
He is coming here for a farewell crusade that will bring succor to troubled souls; Evangelist Bonnke is coming with the Gospel to set the captive free. He is coming to Nigeria because God wants to restore hope and cleanse the air from pollution.

Only last week, we launched the social media arm of the publicity for the upcoming crusade. We are grateful to the media for all your support in the run-up to this all-important global event…all-important because, as I said before, the “Reinhard Bonnke’s Farewell Gospel Crusade” and “Passing the Burning Torch Conference in Africa”, will be the last that Bonnke will hold in Africa.

We have created a highly interactive website, a hub that will provide information about the crusade and on Evangelist Bonnke. This will be update of news\ about the crusade on a minute-by-minute basis.

An interesting aspect is that in addition to a forms submission portal that enables anyone to volunteer their expertise in whatever capacity that they can; brethren have this wonderful opportunity to identify with the crusade by generating a personalized banner, complete with their photographs and posts at
With your picture and post, you could announce to your friends, relatives, and those that you are inviting that you will be physically present on the crusade ground during the event. You could also inform those who are yet to come to the crusade ground what is happening live.

Other social media handles that will be employed for the crusade are Facebook: Cfan Nigeria; Twitter: @CfanNigeria; Instagram: Cfan Nigeria and email: where you can send in your prayer requests, suggestions, comments, questions, etc. And we promise that you will receive swift responses.

I enjoin everyone to take fullest advantage of the opportunities presented on these platforms for their spiritual enrichment and edification. And I pray that God will meet us all at the point of our needs.

I wish to remind us that the “Reinhard Bonnke’s Farewell Gospel Crusade” and “Passing the Burning Torch Conference” will take place beside the Sparklight Estate, opposite OPIC Events Center, Isheri, after the Berger Bus Stop, on the Lagos end of the Lagos Ibadan Expressway. The “Reinhard Bonnke’s Farewell Gospel Crusade” and “Passing the Burning Torch Conference” will be held from Wednesday, 8th to Sunday, 12th November 2017. The programmes begin at 4:30 pm prompt on each day.

Please bring your friends and loved ones to this grand fire crusade with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, who is on a mission for God in Africa.

Let us also meet you on our various social media platforms.
Once again, thank you, my dear Editors, Senior Journalists and
Correspondents for honoring our invitation even at a very short
notice. We believe that you will generously use your reputable media platforms to send these important messages to Africans.

CFAN and the Central Working Committee of the Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s Farewell Crusade and Passing The Burning Torch Conference 2017 will continue to interface with you in the coming weeks until November 13 when the Crusade will be rounded off.

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