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5 Biblical Reasons To Praise God

Praise is an act of worship and reverence. On our daily lives, we praise people for what they have done for us. Therefore, praise is a strong component of everyone of us. Here, I want to take a little time to itemise few of the numerous reasons why as Christians, we should daily sing the praise of our master. As we all know, when you praise someone for what he has done, you energise him to do more. If you praise God for what He has done, you will see Him willingly and intentionally doing more for you. The subject of praising God is something that I guess has been preached in almost every altar. But unfortunately, it is not so much practiced. How do I do that it is not so much practiced. In all the sermons we have heard about praise, we have been told that praise does wonders and performs great miracles. With praise there are some problems and challenges that just give way without much effort. Therefore, when some or all of these problems persists, I could then assume that there is something missing -PRAISE.


The bible said in Psalm.150:6, “Let all that has breath praise the LORD”. Therefore, praising God is a vital responsibility for every living being. I do not know if there is much difference between praise and worship, but for the purpose of this article I will treat them as the same. Here, I want to outline an briefly explain 5 biblical reasons why all Christians should praise God. I hope and pray that GOD will teach and inspire you through this article and that you will apply some basic principles and secrets which I will reveal in this article.
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1) God inhabits in the praise of his people (Psalm.22:3): To inhabit means to dwell in. it means to live inside something. Therefore I could paraphrase this verse as saying, “For God lives in the praises of His people”, (for God dwells in the praises of His people). Have you ever thought of building a house for God. If yes that’s good. But here, I want to show you a better house which we could build for God – PRAISE. If God lives in the praises of His people, then what do you think will happen when we refuse to offer praises to Him. Do you not think that He will be left outside unsheltered? I guess you know the consequences of living without shelter. As human being, shelter is among the 3 basic necessities of life. Therefore as we cannot do without been sheltered, God also cannot do without been sheltered. Let’s build a better house for God. A house which cannot be destroyed. David wanted to build a house for God, but oh, he never knew he wanted to confine the unconfineable God. May we never confine God in our church buildings. Therefore, learn to praise God from today.

2) Praise take over from where prayer stops (Matthew.15:22-28): In this passage, we saw the story of a woman who came to Jesus crying that He may heal her daughter. This act of crying could also be termed as praying. She was praying to Jesus that He may heal her daughter. A closer look at these verses shows that while she was praying, Jesus never answered her to the point that the disciples asked Him to send her away. At this point, I could imagine some things going on in the mind of this woman. She might be asking questions like, “why is He not answering me”? ” what is it that I am not doing well”? At this point, let me also assume that something stroke the woman. She discovered that something really was missing. Then it was at this point that she came to Jesus and worshipped. Immediately she worshipped, the conversation between her and Jesus started. She eventually got the answer to her prayer. Have you prayed and it seems as if nothing is happening? There is something you are not doing well. Switch over to praise and something must happen. I did not say something will happen, but rather, something must happen. I can give you a bet here.

3) Praise changes the battle field (2 Chronicles.20:21-25): In this passage, we saw how the Moabites, the Ammonites and others came together to fight against Jehoshaphat. We saw that they had a mighty force and army with which they thought they could defeat Jehoshaphat and his army. Then Jehoshaphat consulted with the leaders “and they concluded that they should praise the beauty of holiness”. The holiness of God is an attribute that He never jokes with and the children of Israel understood it too well. When they began praising the beauty of holiness, the battle field was changed as the Moabites and Ammonites began killing the people of mount seir. Did Jehoshaphat and his people fight any battle? NO. They never fought because the battle field has been changed and God took over. In life, we face series of battles ranging from, sickness to poverty, to satanic oppression and afflictions, to misfortune and other things. We must learn to change the battle field at anytime. The horizon we are operating in belongs to the devil and he is a master in it, so there is no way to we can win him in his own abode. Therefore, we must change the battlefield for God to take over. Ignite the spirit of praise and see God taking over your challenges.

4) Praise bring deliverance (Acts.16:25-26): Paul and Silas sang at midnight and SUDDENLY… There is something sudden that only praise can ignite. They had no key to the padlock used in locking the prison gate, but they had praise with them. You might not have what it takes to deliver yourself from satans vices but you have praise. Use what you have to get what you need. If you need deliverance use praise to get it.
5) Praise is a heavenly lifestyle: No bible reference is provided to backup this point because all through the book of revelation, we keep seeing that the 24 elders and the host of heaven bowed to worship God. We also saw them singing different kinds of songs to praise God. This shows that praise is a heavenly language. Therefore, as heavenly minded pilgrims, we must start up the lifestyle here, while we are still on this side so that we can continue when we crossover.

At this point, let me stop but conclude that we cannot do without praise. God has no problem in blessing us. The issue is that most times we forget to praise Him and still we will return again to still come and make a list of our unending request. Apply this tool today and see God take over your life’s battle.

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