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Are you a true Anglican? I believe that it is possible that you have not observed that Anglicans don’t wedding during Lenten period. As such, it might be possible that someone could confront you with a question on why the Anglican Church doesn’t do weddings during Lenten period. It will be a big shame to say you do not know. The Bible said in 1st Peter chapter three verse fifteen, “…Always be ready to give answer to every man that asks you the reason…” Knowing this, ignorance then should not be an excuse at all. Most times, we Christians celebrate lots of things and we do not know or have any reason for that. Sometimes, we do it because we were born into it or because others are doing.


Therefore, this article is intended in tell us all, why Anglicans don’t do wedding during Lenten period, so that in future if you are asked, you will have not just an answer but a correct answer. In the Anglican Church, Lenten period lasts for 46 days, although we fast only 40 days because we do not fast on Sunday. For more information on Lenten season, click here. As it is well know, the Lenten period is a season of seeking God in thorough repentance and sincerity. This exercise is done through fasting and prayer.

On the other hand, wedding is a period of feasting (eating and drinking). As such, it will be completely unwise if wedding which is aimed at eating and drinking is been fixed during Lenten period which is supposed to be for fasting and prayer. We all know that fasting involves abstinence from food and other things. Therefore, for this reason, in the Anglican Church we don’t do wedding during Lenten period. Though, we do wedding on Easter Monday.

I guess this article is helpful, knowledgeable and insightful as I am sure that you have learnt something new. If so, then share with all friends till every Anglican reads it and becomes aware with the reason for some of the things they do.
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