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Letter To Every Woman

Not every man is a HUSBAND material.
Some are FRIEND-ZONE materials.
Some are HUSBAND materials.
Some are FATHER materials.

Marry a Man that is a BROTHER, HUSBAND and FATHER.
Some of you, get into marriage with men who have no business being married. Marriage is not for everybody. Some men are not wired to function in MATRIMONY.
Don’t allow marriage desperation or societal pressure to push you into the arms of a man who is not ready or suited for matrimony.

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Look around you, most men get married just for the status. Those are the men that marry wives and keep for their mothers and fathers to look after. I have seen men who married wives and traveled out of the country for 5, 6 and even 7 years without coming home to see their wives.
I mean what is that?
You shouldn’t be THEORETICALLY married.

Marriage must be PRACTICAL.
Some men are very selfish. Take this from me, a selfish man can never be a good husband. Matrimony thrives on mutualism. It is a give-and-take situation.
Don’t marry a man because you are PREGNANT for him.
Don’t marry him because he DEFLOWERED you.
Don’t marry him because you are UNEMPLOYED.
Don’t marry him because you’ve DATED HIM FOR LONG.
Don’t marry him because you INVESTED in HIM FINANCIALLY.

Marry him because you believe he is worthy of being called your HUSBAND and the FATHER of your UNBORN KIDS.
There are men everywhere but Husbands are SCARCE.
I pray for you yet to be married: you will not experience marriage BONDAGE. And for that feel you’ve made a mistake, retrace your step, and REDEDICATE your marriage.

Every woman should be wise in your decision and choice.


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Updated: December 9, 2018 — 4:18 am

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