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Happy Home – Love in The Family

You can’t say like Samson she (HE) pleases me well marry her(HIM) for me. You’ve got to be careful to ensure you hear from God He knows your tomorrow,. Let him tell who to Marry, or at least, ask Him is this person your will for me and don’t be blinded/deafened by Lust(that some call LOVE) make sure you hear God.

happy home

When God says Yes! I also say Bravo! Don’t mind what people will say, go ahead!
And when you start, right from courtship, begin to be responsible, ask questions that are relevant, its not time for romantic discussion, talk about how to make your marriage work. Be plain to one another, know those things that turn on or turn off your partner, learn about your differences and how to cope with them. Plan about how you will run your home, who does what, those are the things to discuss.

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When you are joined together in Holy Matrimony, Right from the very First day, let responsibility start. Be a complement to your partner, and learn to say: Thank you! Sorry! I am Sorry.
Learn to give Good Surprises.
Build your Home Don’t pull it down.

Build it through:
L- Lively Prayers
O- Open Communication
V- Viable Responsibility
E- Expressed Complements and helping one another.

Wish you a Blissful Home Where Christ Dwells.

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Updated: June 7, 2018 — 2:55 am

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