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A Sincere Prayer From a Sincere Heart

This is my sincere prayer from my sincere mind.

Lord chastise and train me for your service.

Use every medium at your disposal to train and cook me for your work,

Though they might not be conducive for me, yet do not withhold it from me,

Though it might seem as though I cannot bear it, yet train me,

I might cry and plead for the burden to be made light, yet please, turn deaf ears to my cry,

Do not withhold the rod, else i would definitely get spoilt.

Many might see it as a punishment for my sins and begin intercession for me, Lord please do not answer their prayer.

For I know that in the end, it will turn out for my own good,

Though the fire burns vehemently, yet the more the heat of the fire, the faster the gold gets purified.

Though the breeze blows as if it will carry me away, yet the more the breeze, the faster the winnowing.

Though it seems as if I may drown in the water, yet the more the water, the easier will I be washed.

Train me and do not withhold any available tool from the training process.

Because of the hardship, I might be force to seek your face more and more, I might be forced to quote every available bible passage, I might be force to remind you of all your precious promises, yet Lord provided that in the end, it will be for my good, please do not pay attention to my pleading.

Take me through all the process of refinement.

The raw gold in the furnace does not smile while been purified.

Therefore I must surely not smile at your training.

Yet Lord keep training me. For I know that the tougher the training, the deeper my root in you.

Not for ease or worldly pleasure, not for fame my prayer shall be,
Gladly will i toil and suffer only let me walk with thee.

for i know that Jesus had to put on the thorny crown before the heavenly golden crown.

For I know that the more unfriendly the training becomes, the more purified I will come out.

For I know that the more fierce the training becomes, the more spiritual strength I develop.

Pass me through the fire and purify me from every besetting sin.

Pass me through the water, no matter how deep it might be and wash me through and through

Let the wind blow so that the chaff in my life will be separated from the wheat.

If I do not pass through these processes, I might not become anything useful in your hand.

If I do not pass through this process, I might be overtaken with pride at the sight of every miracle.

If I do not undergo these training, I am sure I will end badly.

Therefore Lord, use every tool at your disposal to train me.

Only help me to endure it to the very end.

Only help me to understand that it is your own way of training me.

Only help me not to turn away from you.

Only help me not to go about looking for an easy way out for myself.

If it is adversity, bring it. If it is poverty, bring it. If it is sickness, bring it.

But do not forget to be my strength.

For I know that in the end, it will turn out for my joy.

For I know that these light afflictions which is but for a moment, works in me a more excellent weight of glory.

For I know that in the end, I will be happy you trained me through the hard way.

If you do not train me through the hard way, I might not esteem you high.

If you do not train me through the hard way, I will think that Christianity is a bed of roses.

Therefore Lord train me and I will come out as a refined and purified gold.

For it is only when the gold has been thoroughly refined that the value will be known.

Dear Lord, this is my sincere heart desire. Make no easy way for me.

If it is the wilderness, may I pass through it only give me the needed grace.

I know you will do this for through Jesus Christ my LORD.


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Updated: May 17, 2018 — 1:54 pm

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